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About Aggie Cru


Who is Aggie Cru?

When Texas A&M was established in 1876 the first students came by train. The train stopped to let them off where there wasn't even a station, just a field and a building. That stop became known as College Station, and now thousands of students from across Texas and around the world stream in to College Station to attend Texas A&M University.

  • Jesus Christ commissioned His followers to take the gospel to all people. As you arrive here to study, we work to give each of you a genuine opportunity to hear and see the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

    • As students, you are preparing to be the leaders of tomorrow in engineering, business, agriculture, education, and the military. Aggies will change the world.

  • Jesus commissioned His followers to make disciples. We work to help you sink your roots deep in the Scriptures, love Jesus Christ more fully, and love your neighbors in tangible service.

    • As students, you are the best people in the world to reach your peers. We motivate and equip you to reach your generation.

Finally, as students, you are going somewhere. As you get back on the train out of College Station, we will send you as laborers for Christ. Jesus said, "The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few." Laborers are needed. Whether here or abroad, in a profession or as a missionary, we are developing laborers for His world-wide harvest.  Our mission is to turn lost students into Christ centered laborers for the glory of God. Every fall a train arrives and every spring a train departs. Aggies will change the world. We want your stop here and your future labor to count for eternity.