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Summer Missions

Summer Missions

Summer missions are mission trips through Cru, offering students a chance to spend their summer growing spiritually, while impacting those around them for Christ. As a college student you have an unique opportunity to reach out to other college students across the globe with the message of the gospel. Go with a team of Aggies to the other side of the world, or try one in the states. Either way, you won’t regret it!

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Aggies going with Aggies

Aggies have an influencing role in the world. In Aggie Cru we know this, and send Aggie teams to our partnerships around the world, like East Asia. We will train you and help equip you for the summer of your life! Aggies going with Aggies and impacting the world for Christ!

Would your group on campus like to partner with us to send teams to a strategic campus in another country? If so, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we would love to talk with you about it!


An Aggie Tradition

Did you know that over 100 Aggies went on Cru Summer Mission this past summer? It isn't just this summer, Aggies going with Aggies on Cru summer missions, but it has been a tradition for years!

A Few Places Aggies Go:

2018-07-14 01.31.52.jpg
2018-09-12 19.22.38.jpg
2018-05-29 18.23.00.jpg

What will you live for this summer?

Step out and invest your summer with a mission that lasts! Check out the following link for a world of possibilities.

Some things you don't want to miss!


What about a Summer Mission in the States!

  • Learning how to share your faith with others

  • Working a job while living out Christ's mission

  • Being challenged in your faith

  • Growing in leadership

  • Looking outward to the needs of others

  • Experiencing deeper community

  • Studying the Bible and growing in Christ

  • Having adventure and fun!

  • Connecting as a group and living life together

  • Being equipped in a unique environment


Look for our Go! with Cru display in the MSC this Fall and Spring!



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