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Discipleship + Growth

Discipleship + Growth

Helping a New Believer Get Started

The following lessons are designed to help a new or young believer become established in their faith. Download and print each lesson to go through it together.


Spiritual Multiplication

A disciple of Christ is called to follow Christ, learn from Him, and make Him known. The way Jesus did this was through spiritual multiplication. The following resources will encourage your vision for making and multiplying disciples:

1. Making and Mulitplying Disciples- Start here! This document is the big picture for making and mulitplying disciples. This visionary tool will help you: to discover where you or your disciples are and to challenge them in the next step of making disciples. This helps to define the mission of Cru. 

2.  Starting a Multiplying MInistry- This short series of articles will help you become a spiritual multiplier on your campus.

3.  What is your vision? Next, watch this video and challenge others to consider being a part of the mission of making and multiplying disciples.



Growing as a disciple of Christ is a life-long process and happens through many avenues. There are also people who we are one step ahead of in our spiritual journey who we can help to grow in their faith and to become a spiritual multilplier.


1. Making and Multiplying Disciples-- A framework for discipleship

2. Discipleship Packet- Start here! This will give you the big picture and some tracks to get started in discipling another person.

3. The Compass- This resource will give you tracks to run on whether it is a group situation or one-on-one. The Compass is organized under three main headings: Walk, Communicate, and Multiply, which corresponds with our understanding that a mature disciple is one who walks, communicates and multiplies their faith. You can find over 40 lessons to prepare you to lead great discipleship appointments with students.

4.  Additional Discipleship and Growth Resources-  See the resources below. Most of the following resources below are found on


Additional Resources for Growth and Discipleship


Assurance of Salvation

Beginning with God and Spiritual Growth

Bible Studies

Church Involvement

Community and Friendships


Dating and Marriage

Devotionals and time with the Lord

Decision Making ANd Discerning God’s Will


Eternal Perspective


Holy Spirit


Multiplication (Spiritual Multiplication)

Outreach Ideas

Perspective Cards




Small Groups

Sexual Purity

Short Films

  • Global Short Film Network (GSFN) is a part of The JESUS Film Project. Their goal is to help you discover a person’s story through the theme of the films. As you listen to their story, you can share your own and connect the viewer to the person of Christ. These short films are great tools for engaging in spiritual conversations with family, friends, and even strangers.


Summer Missions

Summer Reading Challenge

  • Use this helpful guide to help you get into God's Word over the summer.


Testimony/Sharing your story

Transferable Concepts for Spiritual Growth and Training

The Word

Training to Pass on to others


World Vision